What we do

servicesWe are a convenient private service that will arrange for staff to visit your home, office or hotel. You will be able to receive health care, medical advice, and treatment at your chosen location.
Our doctor or nurse will carry a range of medicines, and will be able to make referrals to specialists, set up diagnostic tests as well as coordinate admission to hospital if necessary

Our Mobile Medical Offices Offer:

  • Consult and medical guidance by phone
  • Medical, Nursing care at home, workplace or hotel.
  • Medically necessary Visits
  • Collect/Coordinate laboratory services
  • Facilitate Home Health Services
  • Employee Health Services available
  • Health assessments
  • Communicable disease assessments
  • Referral services to medical centers and trusted specialists.
  • Check-ups and health screening services.


drBody check international clinic provides quality, innovative and affordable Fertility solutions. Our Diagnostic services ensure accurate results for complete health checks

The overall objective  is to respond to the needs of our clients and offer individualized solutions to healthcare problems. We endeavor to be a top provider of individualized healthcare through the delivery of quality medical  healthcare services in a timely fashion.


If you need any further information about  our services please contact us.
Email: info@bodycheckclinic.com;
Mobile: +2348033454006; +2348036722783; +2348183030131

ELITE members can reach us 24/7, non-ELITE member contact us during business hours 9am-5pm

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