Nigeria Opens the First INVO Unit in Africa

We proudly want to share with you these news that fill us with joy and are the consequence of sharing knowledge.

Last May 2014 doctors Obinna and Ada Iheanyichukwu from Nigeria, contacted us because they were very interested in learning and training in INVO, so they could take the technique back home to their medical unit in Abuja, Nigeria. Very soon they were both here at CECOLFES for one month, ready to learn every detail in order to benefit their local patients.


Today, some months afyer their visit, we were happily surprised with the news of the opening of an INVO Unit at their clinic. We are more than sure this will be a hit and it´ll bring great satisfaction to those couples in search of forming a family.

This is the thank you message we received from them, once they were back in Nigeria ready to start their own INVO program:

"August 1st, 2014

My time of Training at Cecolfes was indeed an enriching experience. As a fertility Doctor, I have had the opportunity of attending training courses in UK, USA and in Israel among other conferences. The warmth and reception we got at Cecolfes was really great. The entire team worked as a family under Prof Elkin Lucena. The work schedule was easy to follow, the teaching and practical session were designed to ensure that the trainee doctor understood in details what was taught. There was enough time for interaction, questions and answers. Most importantly, their hands on approach ensured a practical experience to teaching I had not seen elsewhere in all my travels. It´s really unique.

We were very impressed because Prof Elkin was personally interested in ensuring that his trainees had full knowledge of the practice. We had access to all the resource materials needed even to the point he offered his office for our use as a reading room-it was the warmest place in Cecolfes I must confess, this was good for us coming from tropical Nigeria.

The training also had a psychological aspect to it, as Dr. Elkin always made it look easy by constantly telling us it´s easy, you can do it.
At the end of our training, we had developed the confidence to actually get back and start our INVO IVF program.

The training at Cecolfes was really a life changer and they really have a unique system. If given the opportunity, I will go back again and recommended others too. We are truly happy we had this lifetime chance and Thank Prof Elkin and the entire team

Munchas Gracias,
Dr Ada & Obi."

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